Ca marche, sans trop forcer je perd du poids. En plus la machine est tres belle. Merci encore pour tout vos conseils…


Luxury Innovation Service

Xtreme Treadmill
Ultim8--0104 EQUIP-PICS-MAY11V2-001 Heartrate strap
Prix €1,580.69
Prix de vente €1,198.88


The Xtreme Treadmill is a top class treadmill with massive incline and programs. The Xtreme has a higher deck which has enabled us to achieve a massive 15% incline (possibly the highest in the industry). There are also 5 built in programs with 5 levels of difficulty of each giving you a total of 25 challenging program variants. The treadmill comes complete with a free chest strap for pulse rate measurement and convient hand grips.The solid build and high quality motor makes this machine suitable for beginners to the most serious athlete.